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Tai Chi for Today and Tomorrow

One of the classes we offer here at Willow Tree Studios is Tai Chi Flow, Mondays and Wednesdays at 10am Mountain Standard Time. I love the class because it allows us to do a moving meditation where we work on balance and mindset. The truth is, Tai Chi has more benefits than that. A recent article published by Prevention goes into ten amazing benefits of Tai Chi, supporting them with various scientific studies.

One of the big benefits is that Tai Chi relieves pain. Living life takes us to a lot of places. Be it the garden store for a big rock that we pick up and tweak our back. Or down the hall where our pet comes to help and ends up underfoot and we twist out of the way. Sometimes, life gives us challenges such as a sore hip or tension in our shoulders. Being able to keep moving and release those pains - be they short term or long term - is important for our mood and happiness.

Tai Chi also is a great balance workout, which I really like to highlight. We practice mindfulness as we flow from one movement to another gaining relaxation while also reducing our falls risk.

The article was interesting to me and I hope you all find some value in reading it yourselves. And to get into our Tai Chi class, sign up for our News Note to get the weekly link to our virtual classes and feel free to reach out to Contact Us by email if you have any questions about this or any other class we offer.

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