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Schedule of
 Real Time Classes (MST)


Functional Fitness - 9:00am

Tai Chi Flow - 10:00am


Kristy's LIIT: 9:00am

Silver Sneakers Yoga: 10:00am


Functional Fitness - 9:00am

Tai Chi Flow - 10:00am


Kristy's LIIT: 9:00am

Silver Sneakers Yoga: 10:00am

Urban Poling: 2:00 pm


Summer Shorts : 9:00am

The Big Stretch: 9:45am

Class Descriptions

Functional Fitness practices the 5 functional movement patterns (squat, lunge, rotation, push and pull). These movement patterns are how we move in everyday life. We need to pick up our grocery bags (squat), get up from working in the yard (lunge), walking, hiking or sports such as golf and pickleball (rotation), placing your luggage in the overhead bin for travel (push), scooping up your pet from the ground and lifting them into your arms (pull).  Additionally we work on balance, coordination, range of motion, agility and power. 

Low Intensity Interval Training (LIIT) helps our brains with coordination and mobility and our bodies with improved stamina. Being coordinated means our bodies are moving consistently within our abilities, allowing us to do more complex actions.  Being able to play for hours allows us to stay out with our friends and to participate in activities like a community softball league or to enjoy swimming.


We offer classes like Tai Chi to help us with our balance both internally and externally.  Yoga which is seated and standing but not on the floor to improve strength and posture. Falls are one of the biggest health risks to older adults and by practicing good posture and building body awareness we can reduce the chance of falls and the chance a fall will be a major incident.  Both Tai Chi and Yoga offer the benefit of connecting with an inner calm we can draw on when life gets stressful or challenging. 


The Big Stretch is a 30 minute class focused on flexibility and range of motion movements in a short form. Flexibility is tied into being able to do everything we have talked about but better. Meaning, if you want to hike, you may be stretching up or down a big step. If you are playing sports, you may be reaching wide to get to the ball. Or even just to reach the tall shelves.


Friday Shorts is a 30 minute class get ready for the weekend. It is a short work out that lets you get your mind in the right place to close the week strong with a brief functional fitness class or to warm up for a busy and fun weekend.


Our Urban Poling/Nordic Walking class gets us outdoors enjoying our many walking paths and natural areas.  Research shows the many benefits of getting out in nature and socializing with friends. Even the most introverted among us get a boost when around supportive and connected people. Using the Urban Poles, you also benefit from getting a good upper body workout and reducing stress on your knees and hips allowing you to improve your overall stamina. As we age, we need to think more about our joints and Urban Poling lets us explore the world while protecting our bodies.


Though all of these classes, the goal is the same. When we are healthy, strong, and fit, we can live in a well rounded way and we can age better. It is about being in a great place to reach our goals and to move through life.

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