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A Positive Outlook and Other Longevity Hacks

Having a positive attitude is good for you and even increases the likelihood of living longer.

It might be because upbeat people are also likelier to be active – that the brain-body connection is real, indeed.

But one group of researchers reported “older individuals with more positive self-perceptions of aging… lived 7.5 years longer than those with less positive self-perceptions of aging.”

Another found that a positive outlook boosts heart health, even among people with a family history of heart disease.

And people with a positive outlook live longer, have fewer heart attacks, and struggle less with depression.

Need more?

  • Smile and laugh, even if you’re faking it – studies show we get the same physical benefits by just going through the motions.

  • Write down or say something you’re grateful for every day.

  • Call or see a friend or loved one.

  • Let go of what you can’t control – like traffic, past mistakes, and other people.

A recent Time article pointed out other personality traits to improve longevity:

  • Conscientiousness

  • Purpose

  • Being outgoing

  • Staying on an even keel

We can’t necessarily change all our personality traits. But we can try to be more positive in words, thoughts, and actions. We can take responsibility, be more social, and not overreact to everything that comes along.

And we can choose to move our bodies with purpose every single day.

Sources: Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, John’s Hopkins, WebMD

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