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Family on the Move!

My family is on the move! One of my grandmothers was a walker, and she walked everywhere! My other was a gardener. My parents have been active their whole lives and even as age they work to keep moving as you can see here.

When we were kids we were always outside, playing with our friends, riding bikes and as we got older we began playing sports. One of my brothers was a tennis player, who keeps up his fitness training so he can continue to be active, and is now playing pickle ball. My other brother was into outdoor races, swimming, cycling, running and camping, as he now focuses on raising his kids. My sister has a gym membership and works out with her sister in law and and is also active watching her grandkids. I have been a runner, walker and hiker, along with a career working in the fitness industry. All of our children have been busy in sports or being outdoors from the time they were very young. Our goal was to keep our kids involved in an activity that helped them be physically active, learn some skills at working within a team and having fun.

I can see how this family history of being movers has helped shape me and my family to also be movers. Even now we get pics from my brothers playing pickle ball, my sister busy with her family, my parents attending events, playing corn hole or traveling. I’ve been sending the scenic vistas from my hikes and for the last couple of weeks we’ve been getting pictures of my youngest brothers kids away at camp. I think this type of identity sharing helps us stay active.

As you are aging, you are setting an example for your family from your own kids, your grandkids, and nieces and nephews. They see you being engaged and active and decide maybe that is how they will choose to age as well.

A compelling reason to keep active is the affect you can have on future generations, health, wellness and movement habits.

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