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Resistance Training Prevents Obesity, Study Indicates

People over 50 who want to avoid obesity should be lifting weights regularly.

That’s the finding of a large new study of how resistance training (weights, bodyweights, yoga, resistance bands, etc.) can improve and lengthen lives. We tend to think cardio exercise, like jogging, to fight fat.

The researchers followed 12,000 people for six years, noting lifestyle habits, aerobic exercise, and participation in resistance training, among other factors. They wanted to see who would get fat over time. They found that people who performed resistance training had a 20% to 30% reduced risk of obesity, regardless of whether they also did aerobic workouts.

Add this to the list of why people over 50 should be working out with resistance – even if they insist they don’t want to “bulk up” from weightlifting. (Trust us: You won’t. It takes designed, focused workouts every day for months to get big!)

Among the other reasons you should be lifting weights:

  • It improves length and quality of sleep.

  • It improves your balance.

  • It strengthens aging bones.

  • It decreases the risk of type 2 diabetes.

  • It helps you perform the tasks of daily living with greater confidence.

And now, if it helps fight obesity, then it’s also working against high blood pressure and other common ailments.

The benefits are clear. If you would like to add functional strength through a fun group class with some weights, check out our classes on our schedule or watch some of our Functional Fitness shorts or class length videos on Youtube.

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