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Train for Pickleball Power

Everybody loves pickleball, it seems. But did you know that working out can give you a huge advantage on the court?

It’s true. If you want to have more endurance on the (smaller than tennis) court, more power in your swing, and more ability to make those shots – all the time smiling – then you need to come in here and join us for stretching, strength and endurance training.

Pickleball champs and trainers alike share some solid recommendations.

First, it’s important to stretch before playing. You want to warm up with squats for thighs and glutes, rotational twists for the obliques, and other stretches for arms and back.

They’ll even feel good. (If they don’t, then stop.)

Core strength is critical in pickleball, especially rotational core strength – like it is in tennis, golf and other sports.

Also important are the glutes (also known as your butt). We suggest lunges with a pause for balance, and simple glute bridges, or hip raises. Pickleball requires quick stops and starts, so it’s important to stay balanced.

For endurance, look at High Intensity Interval Training as a smart way to mimic the game while building stamina. This basically means working for a time interval (say, 40 seconds) and then resting for another interval (maybe 20 seconds).

The bottom line is clear. If you want to enjoy pickleball safely, then you’ll benefit from working out with us. This article is about pickleball but really you could insert any sport, travel, gardening, spending time with the grandkids, or your favorite activity.  We need to maintain our strength and cardiovascular endurance for all the activities we love. So, come on in and let’s get going!

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