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Halftime 2022: Time to Take Stock of Your Fitness

Here we are at the midpoint of the year.

So, for the “halftime” show of 2022, ask yourself three questions.

  1. How happy are you with your health and fitness today?

  2. What can you do to reach your goals by the end of the year?

  3. What kind of help do you need or want along the way?

It’s OK if you’re not right where you want to be. Hardly anyone ever is, so don’t beat yourself up or take it as another reason to keep saying, “I’ll never be in good shape again.”

We are here to help you set and reach the right goals FOR YOU.

And this halfway point is a perfect moment to take stock, pat yourself on the back where appropriate, and make whatever changes you need to make.

  • Maybe you need help getting started.

  • Or your focus might be fizzling.

  • Or you have a big event coming up later that you’re excited about and want to get ready.

Whatever it is, remember this: IT’S ALL UP TO YOU.

We’re not saying you have to be super-muscular or ready to run a triathlon. Fitness over 50 means being able to enjoy life on your terms.

So, here in the beginning of July, ask yourself those three questions. And then join us. TODAY. We have many opportunities to keep you moving!

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