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Physical Activity Rates High When Choosing Retirement Locations

It used to be conventional wisdom that everybody wanted to retire to Florida or another sunny spot, find a comfortable place to sit and… wait for life to wind down.

Today’s active agers aren’t settling for that.

Sure, some people want a slow pace and lots of sunshine. But we’re also looking at other criteria to our retirement spot – like access to recreation, nature and exercise; proximity to airports to make travel easier; social opportunities; and other things that contribute to a deliberately active retirement.

That’s the focus of the Retire There with Gil & Gene podcast, hosted by a married couple in Brooklyn, New York. She’s retired; he’s counting the days. Each week, they interview a retiree in a different destination about what made it The Place.

Porto, Portugal… Green Valley, Arizona … Santa Barbara, California … Austin, Texas … Hong Kong… and, yes, even various spots in Florida.

“Many of our guests are somewhere where things feel new to them, and they realize how much they love something that involves physical exercise,” says Gil Chan.

“They’re spending retirement doing things they wanted to do but didn’t have time when they were working and raising kids,” Gene Preudhomme adds. “They’re enjoying themselves.”

“Retirement now is to do something physical,” Gil says.

Why wait for retirement or a move to a new location? Get physical with us starting today!

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